Pension Gasthof Kohlhiasl Schönau ...Anno 1387

Chronicel of the Pension and Gasthof

Re-opening 16.Feb.2017


The Pension and Gasthof Kohlhiasl returns to the Reiser family.
Mr. Hans Reiser and his family take the helm of the family owned business.


The property is mentioned for the first time in a purchase letter from 1387, under
the name of the "Gottshaus Lehen" from Ulrich dem Chölln.

Herrman the Kholl becomes the owner of the estate in 1400.
After nearly 200 years, the name of the house was changed in 1591 to "Zum Koll".

Anno 1845 the wood worker Matthias Hasenknopf, purchased the "Koll – Lehen".
In those days, it was customary to name the houses according to their owners . According to that law, the fief was named Kohlhiasl in 1903: Kohl von Koll and Hiasl von Matthias.

In the 1920s the "KOHLHIASL" inn became world-wide known  by the classic movie "Kohlhiasl's Daughters"

In 1964 Josef and Maria Berthold acquired the property and completely rebuilt it in the years 1966-1968.

In 1993, Franz and Christa Reiser purchased the property.
Today the "Kohlhiasl" is a cozy restaurant with a traditional Bavarian cuisine, and
invites you to coffee and cake as well as ice cream specialeties in the afternoon.
The very pleasant guest rooms offer the opportunity to stay for a vacation.
In the large, shaded garden you can enjoy the view of the mighty Berchtesgaden mountain  and are able to enjoy, directly from the property great hiking trails.
In summer as in winter,you can enjoy this beautiful nature. During the winter season a ski lift and cross-country ski runs, are nearby.

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